What the Shape of your Feet Tells about your Personality

It is often said that your personality is at your feet. Why are we using this comparison? Because it has been indeed proven that the shape of your feet really talks about who you are. But what can we find out from the shape of our feet, anyway? Did you know that there are three types of shapes of your feet? And these three types have three different naming: the Egyptian foot, the Greek foot and the European (or straight) foot. Here is what the shape of your foot tells about how you are!

If you so far believed that only the shape of your eyes, palms and eyebrows are able to talk about your personality, find out that the shape of your feet has something to say as well. The way our fingers are placed on out feet is strongly linked to the attitude and behavior that we have.

­The Egyptian foot: the thumb finger is the ‘leader’ of the other fingers, because it is the biggest one in size among the 5 fingers. These individuals have a rebel personality and are also daydreamers. There is nothing to could stop them, when they really want to achieve something, because they are very daring individuals. They have loving nature, but they can also get upset pretty quickly, especially when they are not in the center of the attention once feeling unsatisfied. They tend to complain quite a lot, and they are unable to understand people who can’t see the essence of things, and in order to satisfy them you will have to do considerable efforts. These types of people don’t let themselves conducted by tendencies; but on the contrary, they seem to be the ones who create the new trends.

The Greek foot: it can be easily observed that the index finger is longer than the thumb finger. The reason why it has this naming is thanks to the fact that the shape of this foot is inherited from antique Greeks. People who have this shape of foot have a very well developed creativity, they are likely to practice sports activities and they are always happy when they are dealing with new situations. They have the habit of motivating other people around them and they are very kind with these individuals.

The European (straight) foot: the fingers tend to have the same size, without one finger being more evidenced than the others. The personality of these people seems to be a real mystery. They are hard-working, without superficiality and they are always up to do justice. Even like that, they are one of the friendliest people and always full of self-confidence and faith.

These are the essential characteristics of the people who have one of these three types of shapes of their feet. In which category would you integrate yourself? Do you consider that the shape of your feet really tells the truth about the personality that you have? These are indeed interesting facts to know about each foot type and you should truly believe in these things because they are valid!

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