Secrets for a fast and efficient cleaning

Did your children stick chewing gum on the seats? Do not waste your time arguing and, better put an ice cube on the gum. Scratch then chewing gum with an object that doesn’t scratch the seat.

Special fabrics? Fine curtains should be washed at the dry cleaner twice a year. If are washed as regular, they may deform. The curtains should stay soaked for one day, in cold water, then wash them with warm water using a liquid detergent. Stains are removed by rubbing with a soft sponge.

Avoid rust. If you notice small traces of rust on the car, cover them as quickly as possible with nail polish to avoid their increase. Then go to a service.
Ink stains. If you have children, you know how nasty ink stains on clothes are. To get rid of them before the wash, spray hair spray over them. Really Works!
Recondition photo frames. Do you have an inherited a photo frame that has damaged? If you have no other choice, you can try (depending on frame size) to paint the edges with gold nail polish, for example, and then cover it with a clear coat.
Car scent. If the air freshener is gone sprinkle it with a few drops of fragrant essential oil to bring  it “back to life”.

Stubborn red stains?  Clean the area with a sponge soaked in mineral water, then blot with a kitchen towel. Repeat the process if necessary.
Remove stains with strawberries …To have shiny teeth with no stains, cut a strawberry in half and rub the area that you want to clean. You will be surprised by the results.
Foggy mirror? You will not have this problem if you apply some car wax and then wipe with a cloth.

How to clean silverware? Boil water with salt and some aluminum foil. Add in the water objects you want to clean, keep them there for a few minutes, then rub them with those foils. They will shine immediately.

Persistent odors?
If you happen to keep in the refrigerator dishes with strong flavors like garlic, for example, one solution is to keep a small container with little baking soda. You will notice that in a few hours, the smell will disappear.
If odors in clothes do not disappear even after you wash the car, try again and, this time, put a glass of vinegar.
Identify and remove stains by dabbing them, not by rubbing with a special solution, solvent or bleach. Apply the solution / solvent from the edge of the stain towards the center, not vice versa.

If you are running out of time and do not have time to hand wash them, put stockings and underwear in a pillowcase or a bag of synthetic fibers with holes, before they put them in the washing machine. In this way, they will not deform or destroy.

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Secrets For A Fast And Efficient Cleaning