Rustic Kitchen Island


We’ve been itching for a project and Mike has been wanting to makeover our island for a while. We love the size and wanted some contrast from the white cabinets when we originally designed it but the color of the stock Ikea cabinets wasn’t ideal and we wanted to add a little more character to it. We debated adding some barn wood type planks but weren’t sure what to do with the doors so, after some research and thought, we planked it, antiqued it with a fun paint technique and added some aged corbels and it looks great. Just a reminder of the before.

Rustic Kitchen Island

And here’s the after:Rustic Kitchen Island

I love the lighter, brighter color, the character, and the way it sets off the countertop as well. I got some inspiration from the lovely Thrifty Decor Chick with her newly made over island. She used planks and trim with a more “polished”paint color and it’s beautiful.

We started by adding the planks which are just plywood cut into 6″ strips at Home Depot. Mike nailed them up with the nail gun.

Rustic Kitchen IslandOnce they were on, I started painting. Well, actually my tiny assistant, Molly, and I started painting. I used chalk paint for this project because it’s so easy to work with. It’s self-leveling so you can’t see brush strokes which makes it the perfect toddler project:) We did a quick coat of a light blue color. It doesn’t need to have full coverage since you will be going over it with another coat of another color.

Rustic Kitchen IslandNext, we added the second coat. This is a dry brush method to make it look aged. I used a taupy-gray color for the top and left parts of the blue show through. To dry brush, you simply put a small amount of paint on the brush and don’t fully cover the under color. It’s simple, quick, and doesn’t use much paint and leaves a really neat finish. Once it was all painted, I used a chalk paint sealer to prevent chipping.Rustic Kitchen Island
Then Mike added the trim pieces. These are inexpensive lath molding pieces cut to size.
Rustic Kitchen IslandI did the same paint technique on those. Finally, we added corbels. These were actually a find my mom grabbed for us at a yards sale that I painted to match.
Rustic Kitchen IslandThe whole thing only took a few hours and makes such a fun statement in the kitchen.Rustic Kitchen Island Rustic Kitchen Island Rustic Kitchen Island Rustic Kitchen Island Rustic Kitchen Island Rustic Kitchen Island Rustic Kitchen Island Rustic Kitchen IslandRustic Kitchen IslandI love how it turned out! For less than $100 we have a brand new custom island.

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Rustic Kitchen Island