Russian method that regenerates your immune system in 15 seconds


Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, specialist in Chinese therapy, active frame of the famous universities in Moscow, recommends a simple method for stimulating the immune system – tapping cold water with your feet.

Cold water baths have a long tradition in many cultures, and for good reason. If showers and baths in warm water are beneficial to the body, low temperatures enhance the therapeutic effects of water.

A study made by German researchers concluded that people who take cold showers for at least two minutes a day are less prone to colds. Cold showers have an invigorating effect. Accelerates heart rate, thus improving blood flow. If only washing your face with cold water is enough to awaken and revive yourself, imagine the cumulative effect of cold water showers.
Many researchers sustain that cold showers reduce stress and improve mood. A survey of Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, USA found that cold water stimulates the production of norepinephrine, a hormone similar to adrenaline, including the role it performs. The difference is that the function of this hormone it falls upon capillaries and it has antidepressant properties.

Here is Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky detailed method:
Every night before bed, fill a basin with water as cold as possible (can be from the refrigerator). Then sit down on a chair with the laver next to you. Try to sink both feet in cold water and then to keep them submerged for 15 seconds. After you have completed the procedure, it is recommended to wear cotton socks.
Practice this method every night before bed and so you’ll strengthen your immune system. In case of colds, you can call this method to “emergency” strengthen the body’s immunity. This, the method is applicable to every 4 hours.
Do not worry, you don’t risk to aggravate the symptoms of colds with this method! This method has no side effects and benefits to the immune system alone and you will notice them.

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Russian method that regenerates your immune system in 15 seconds