Rubberband Painted Wine Bottles

Rubberband Painted Wine Bottles. The name really describes all the materials you need. Go grab a wine bottle, a handful of rubber bands and a spray can or two and let’s get to it.

I wanted my bottles to be blue and white so these cobalt Riesling bottles worked perfect. However if you only have a clear or puke-brown bottle simply use two colors of spray paint! It will only add about 15 minutes to this craft so my super-speed promise is still intact.

Once your bottles are clean, simply wrap various size rubber bands around them. Then comes the hardest part. Grab your paint can and spray away! Once dry simply remove the bands.

Perhaps you don’t have cases of wine/beer bottles waiting to recycle. No worries because any glass jar will work. I like to keep glass Peanut Butter Jar’s handy for making my own Faux Apothecary Jars, so I grabbed one and did this same process. But this time I painted it white first, then let it dry before wrapping it with rubber bands.

A quick blast of cobalt paint and it became a great place to store fun firecracker decorations!

So far this is all I’ve come up with, to decorate my summertime 4th of July mantle, for next year, but it’s good inspiration, don’t you think?

The red, white & blue sparkly stuff was picked up for a cool buck at The Dollar Store. If you are having a party this year these would make festively cheap-o centerpieces. You can be the ultimate generous hostess and graciously send them home with your guests.

This quick craft can be used for all sorts of holidays too. You could even wrap a second set of rubber bands around and use a third paint color. Or line a bunch of them down a table with a tapered candle popping out the top!

I do love how these blue bottles allowed the sun to still shine through. Plus it only took 1 paint session. Super-duper quick. To help keep the paint from being scratched off spray a coat or two of clear laquer or enamel for protection.

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