The Right Way you should Clean and Dry your Wet Mattress

In terms of household and cleaning activities, keeping your mattresses clean all the time is not one of the easiest tasks to do. This task becomes even more difficult to fulfill when you have young children in the house. The following lines will help you learn how to properly clean and dry your wet mattresses.

Covering your mattress with waterproof protection is one of the measures you could take for preventing their humidification and staining. This is recommended and should be valid especially if you have young children in your house or if you`re a clumsy person. This is how you will be able to avoid all of the small accidents that result in wetting and staining your mattresses.

When the mattress gets stained or wet, it is highly recommended to do something about it immediately, by starting with eliminating fluid in excess. Therefore, removing moisture is the first thing to take into consideration, when it comes to clean your mattress properly. In order to make sure that you have access to all corners and sides of your mattress, you should take it off the bed.
Once removed, take a dry and clean cloth and place it on the wet area. This is how you will be able to absorb a larger quantity of fluid as quickly as possible. Pressing the cloth on the humidified area is even better. Repeat this process more times, so that you could absorb as much excessive liquid as you can out of the mattress. If you don`t find dry and clean clothes handy, you could opt for kitchen towels instead. There is nothing else needed to do, except absorbing, if the mattress has been soaked only with water. However, when your mattresses got into direct contact with other types of fluids, things are slightly different – the first thing you need to do is to eliminate the stain. Therefore, after removing excessive fluid, you move on to properly eliminating the stains. How to do that?

One option that you can choose is to apply cold water mixed with detergent over the stained area and clean the stains by using a sponge. If you don`t want to mix detergent with water, you can go for upholstery detergent or soap instead. A lot of people believe that if they apply a lot of this mixture, the stains can be better removed. Never do this mistake – apply only a little solution that is enough to cover the stained areas; if you apply too much, you risk deteriorating the cover of your mattress! It is a much better option to repeat applying little mixture over the stains, instead of applying to much at a time.

The final step consists of drying your mattress properly. Your mattress needs plenty of fresh air and a completely dry place where it can get perfectly dry. If this is something you can`t do, you should use a hair drier or a fan drier. Follow these steps and see that all of the stains will completely disappear from your mattress. Everyone will believe that there wasn`t even an accident that once took place!

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The Right Way you should Clean and Dry your Wet Mattress