Remember: Always sleep on your left side ! Here’s why!

We spend almost a third of life sleeping, so rest is very important, but for many people sleep becomes a nightmare just before falling asleep. Many suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders that have several causes, among them being the wrong sleeping position.

Most people are not aware that sleeping position may significantly affect the digestive system.
The first evidence of this claim dates back to ancient times, when monks stretched after each meal to help digestion. This is confirmed by Ayurvedic medicine, the oldest Oriental Medicine, which advises sleeping on one side, namely on the left.
Everyone has a favorite sleep position, where they feel most comfortable. But, after some recent studies have concluded that most healthy body is to sleep on your left and avoid as much as possible to sleep on the right side.

This has close connection, it seems, the position of the various organs in the body and substances they secrete.
Here are some reasons why, according to Ayurvedic medicine, you should sleep on the left side of the body:

– Sleeping on the left improves the lymphatic system. This transport important substances such as proteins and glucose, which are filtered and drained on the left side of the body.

– Sleeping on the left improves digestion, because so pancreas and stomach are in large proportion, placed to the left. Therefore, the digestive enzymes secretion will be better if you sleep on your left.

– Sleeping on the left favors a better functioning of the heart specialists said. Thus, sleeping on the left improves blood flow and lead to heart regularization.

– Sleeping on your left side favors spleen activity, since it has a major role in maintaining optimum flow for the lymphatic system.
Specialists agree that the worst position to sleep is sleeping on your stomach. Lead to abnormal curvature of the spine, then the pressure on joints and muscles and finally the pain. Additionally, compels the neck to sit in a forced position, bent, affecting circulation and breathing.

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Remember Always sleep on your left side Heres why