Recipe that activate digestive system in just 15 minutes!

How many times have you started a diet earlier in the week, only to relinquish it? Tuesday or Wednesday, is the best choice? Too many diets can make you feel that you will never succeed. But all is not lost! Metabolism is the process by which the body breaks down food for energy. When you’re young, muscle energy stores, preventing weight gain.

However, as the years pass, muscle mass decreases, which leads to increased body fat. After the age of 40 years, the metabolism starts to slow down by 5% every decade, making it particularly difficult weight loss.

1. Olive oil and lemon
Take one teaspoon of olive oil in which you have put in advance a few drops of lemon juice. This remedy should be consumed in the morning, several hours before eating.

2. Warm water with lemon
In the morning on an empty stomach, drink a warm glass of water containing the juice of one lemon. This drink can be used to prevent digestive tract diseases.

3. Baking soda and warm water
In a glass of warm mineral water, put ½ teaspoon of baking soda. This mixture is used for years to treat digestion problems.

Note: this recipe is not recommended for people suffering from ulcer. Don’t forget to include these foods in your daily menu:
• Fruits and vegetables high in fiber (broccoli, oranges, carrots, beans …)
• Cereals
• Probiotics
• Water

Ginger – strong energizing plays an important role in metabolism and stimulates thermogenesis. Having a taste of lemon pepper, simply burn fat, which is why you should not forget to add each time your food.
Grapefruit – substances that give bitter taste have the ability to “neutralize” the fat in the food you eat and lock submission of harmful substances in the body. In addition, it stimulates the digestive system. So, no meal without a  grapefruit.
And do not forget to do sports as much as you can!

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