Rapid Autumn Cleaning! Choose the Right Strategy and Products

We periodically need to clean our home, so that we can guarantee to ourselves healthy life conditions. In every season we perform a general cleaning process. If you want to finish this important task as soon as possible, but to do the things properly, without neglecting any of the cleaning aspects, you need a certain strategy and good products.

Maybe you are tempted to start cleaning with the room-by-room method. However, this is not the best option. If at the first time you will have plenty of energy and full mood, once you get closer to the last steps, it is not going to be the same and you will definitely not feel the same energy you did at the beginning of your cleaning procedure. This is the reason why it is good to adopt another strategy. Here are the essential points to consider for developing and completely fulfilling your proper cleaning strategy:

  • Start cleaning the room at its highest level, from the left to the right. That is how you make sure that you cleaned out each of your room corner thoroughly.
  • The first activity consists of eliminating the dust. In this situation you have more options: you can use cleaning wipes that you will throw away after using them and you have the advantage that dust won’t spread, if you opt for these disposable wipes. Don’t neglect the wardrobes, the illuminating objects and the accessories, such as photo frames or TV screen. If there are any traces left, you can eliminate them with a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water.
  • Shake all textiles in your home: sheets, blankets, covers and pillows. Dust from the sofa and armchair surfaces will be eliminated with the vacuum cleaner.
  • For your windows, glass objects and decorations you will use special wipes soaked in cleaning solutions or window sprays and microfiber wipes that don’t leave any traces behind them.
  • Clean the remaining surfaces and if it is the case, use disinfecting substances as well. Clean the doors, the door handles, the handles of your wardrobes, the electric switches, the landline telephones and the remote controls. There are a lot of bacteria deposited on these objects.
  • Your bathroom and kitchen require special attention. Here you will need disinfecting and degreasing substances. After you washed the sanitary objects and the sink, rinse them with water. Don’t forget about the household appliances and the microwave either. These items also need deep cleaning from time to time.
  • In terms of flooring, you will first clean the floor with the broom, starting with each corner. Then wash the floor with the right solution, depending on the material that it is made of: wood, hone, laminate flooring etc.
  • Vacuum well. The next activity is using the vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum brush especially designed for the floor and the specific brush for the carpets. Use the specific brush of your vacuum cleaner for the corners and draperies as well.
  • Wash the carpets with special solutions and then vacuum them once again. You will refresh their color and your carpets will also emanate a pleasant smell.

Respect all of these efficient cleaning tips and you will not neglect any cabinet of your whole cleaning procedure in your home.

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Rapid Autumn Cleaning! Choose the Right Strategy and Products