How to properly wash drapes and curtains

Curtains require most cases, a special care because of the fabrics they are made of.
Here’s how to clean them, how to wash them and dry them as not to destroy them.

How often you should wash curtains?
Wash veil curtains every two to three months, the lace from three to four months, and the dense, thick every two months, if needed.

It is better to clean dust weekly with a special swab or vacuum at very low power.
You can shake the curtains every few days, without taking them down, and then to vent the room to get rid of dust.

How to clean curtains
Clean them first from dust from the bottom up, and insists on areas with folds and edges.
If the material allows, you can wash the curtains in the washing machine at a washing cycle for delicate fabrics without drying at maximum 40 degrees Celsius.
If you have velvet curtains, it would be better to go to the laundry so you won’t damage it.

Removing curtains without squeezing them. Do not dry them in the dryer machine.
Curtains or dark colors draperies should be washed separately with a special detergent that will not fade the color.

How to dry and straighten curtains
Rather than step on them, you better put them back on the gallery, and let them dry themselves. There will be no waves. Given that many of curtain materials are very fine, there is a risk to burn them with iron, even if it is set to the lowest temperature.

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How To Properly Wash Drapes And Curtains