How to properly clean the bathroom

After your bath, wipe with a clean cloth the taps and water droplets on tiles. So when the day for general cleaning comes, the grease and dirt won’t give you headaches during the week.

Shinny batteries:
To remove limescale from the shower, pour a little vinegar and water in a plastic bag and put the shower in the bag, tie it with a band and leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse with water and the shower will look brand new. Another traditional method consists is using lemon juice; Its acid is highly effective.
Against lint
If you don’t have time to clean your bathroom carpet, and your guests are on their way, get rid of the unpleasant aspect using a lint roller. You don’t have one? Then use tape – is very effective.
It works for me …
I found the best way to clean the toilet and to make it look flawless; all you have to do is pour a can of cola in the toilet bowl and let it act overnight. Rub it less in the morning and your toilet seat will shine.
Use the scraper!
Stop the spread of mold on the walls using the scraper each time after you shower; clean the shower door to prevent soap buildup.
Cat urine smell
If the smell invades your home after your cat uses the litter box, try the following trick: put a plate of vinegar next to the tray, but not very close, if you do not want your cat to spread it. The vinegar will absorb the smell until morning, when you can clean the litter box.
Flawless sink
Do not waste your time scrubbing the sink: simply fill it with hot water, add a small amount of bleach and leave it an hour before you go and do your pedicure and manicure. Drain the water, rinse the sink with cold water and wipe it with a cloth sprinkled with baking soda. Rinse thoroughly and then polish.
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