Preparing vase from PVC pipe

Crafts are always delivering the opportunity for people to bring their imaginations to life. People need the right amount of goods to prepare what they see in their mind. With simple procedures, people have a chance to decorate their homes with beautiful artifacts. Learning to make a bud vase from a PVC pipe is an excellent option. It is a simple procedure and gives an opportunity to decorate the vase according to the taste of the builder.
PVC pipes are available in the market or from the old stock in the garage. Depending on the requirement, one can cut two or three pipes into different sizes. If three pieces are cut, make sure to calculate the dimensions, as you need them to fit the wooden base. PVC is a hard material and required a hand saw to cut. People visiting a home shop to purchase the pipe can have a process at the store itself. The preparations also require planning and people should have pipe caps, PVC glue and photos. Use the glue to seal the pipe with the caps.

Addition of the photos
Adding the photos to the surface makes it an interesting vase. Photos can be friends, family members or just anything that a user would like to portray as the appearance. After taking a laser print of the photos, the images should be dipped in water to wet them just enough. The next step involves coating the outside of the pipe with glue or mod podge.  Stick the photo on the surface and run along the surface to remove excess water. This will prevent air buildup and leaves a smooth surface finish. Cut away any excess photo paper and mod podge. Keep aside the pipe and allow it to dry.

Vase preparation
If there are three pipes, adding them to a wooden base gives an excellent way to create a wonderful flower vase. As the dimension of the PVC is known, the next step involves drilling holes in a wooden platform. Make sure that the platform is thick enough to hold the three vases. After drilling holes, place the pipe in the holes and glue in the wood using E6000 glue. Make sure to hold the pipe until they adhere to the base of the wooden platform. Once they achieve the minimum adherence, people have to keep the entire assembly aside for 24 hrs. Storing it in a dry area is a good idea. This will add strength to the base of the vase. After keeping it aside for a day, the bud vase is ready for use and people can add their favorite flower buds.

The addition of the bud vase in the room will bring freshness. People can easily create the bud vase using the PVC pipe, and the entire activity takes a day’s time. Creating an excellent vase depends on the taste of the user. People can use their imagination and bring out different styles and shapes to the vase to suit the interiors of the house.