Plush Pumpkin Place Cards for Thanksgiving


I wanted to prepare something special to decorate our Thanksgiving table, so I decided on tiny plush pumpkin place cards, that work wonderfully as party favors for guests too! These tiny little pumpkins are very quick and easy to create and look beautiful sitting around the bone-in ham and other fixings. Whether you keep your pumpkin place cards to use again next year, or you give them away as party favors, they will surely delight your guests! This year as our Thanksgiving ham bakes, Little Man and I will be peeking through the oven window together, as we await its presence at the table!

Stretch velvet
Small pumpkin stems or sticks
Hot glue
Hot glue gun
Leather needle
Circle template cut from paper that is 4 inches in diameter (I used a large mug to create my template)

Plush Pumpkin Place Cards for Thanksgiving
Plush Pumpkin Place Cards for Thanksgiving
Cut velvet circles using the circle template as a guide. Thread your needle and knot. Make a cross-stitch with the knot on the inside of the pumpkin. Now start create a running stitch all the way around the outside edge of the fabric and bunch the fabric every few stitches. When you reach the end, tie the thread off leaving a small opening to the inner part of the pumpkin. Carefully stuff your pumpkin with fiberfill until it’s firm. Thread and knot your needle again and close up the opening of the pumpkin. Add a dab of hot glue to a pumpkin stem or small stick, press the stem firmly onto the closed opening of the pumpkin and hold until the glue sets.Plush Pumpkin Place Cards for Thanksgiving

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Plush Pumpkin Place Cards for Thanksgiving