The Plant that Combats Allergies and Treats Diabetes

Most of the people try to stay away from it, but the “fire plant” that we can find in almost every green environment brings only benefits for the human health, day by day. The nettles represent real “bombs” for your health, because they contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C and K, potassium, fiber, folic acid, alpha and beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and iron.

  • Nettles treat skin problems: in order to eliminate the impurities from a fatty facial skin, rinse your face with nettle infusion and prepare a tea that consists of 250 ml of water and one tablespoon of nettles, and then let it infused for about 10 minutes and in the end, strain. Then clean the skin on your face and your neck with gauze soaked in the freshly prepared infusion.
  • Nettles treat thick hair: you can wash and rinse your thick hair with water that contains nettles (2 hands of roots in 2 l of cool water for 10 hours, and then you heat it up and finally, slip it after 10 minutes). This is how you can forget about the problem of attentively caring for your thick hair, day by day. We don’t want to say that this method will make you neglect the care for your hair; it’s just that with this method, it won’t take so much time anymore like it did so far.
  • Nettles are good for people suffering from diabetes: tea prepared of nettle roots helps to regulate glucose level in the body. The chopped root of the nettles needs to be placed in water, before you go to sleep and leave it like that until the next morning. The second day, let the infusion to boil in water for 5 minutes, and after another 10 minutes have passed, drink the freshly prepared tea. This home remedy however depends mostly on the severity of your diabetes. Even if this type of tea could help certain diabetics, other patients suffering from severe diabetes could simply be unable to benefit of the wonderful health effects of this plant.
  • Nettles are able to treat asthma and certain types of allergies: if you suffer from asthma or perhaps certain types of allergies, don’t hesitate to benefit of the immune-regulating properties of the nettle juice. This will definitely happen and you will be able to notice the changes if you drink two cups of nettle juice before noon on a daily basis. There is another method here that is as good as the nettle in its form of juice – taking 4 teaspoons of nettle powder (in its dried or grinded form) on a daily basis.

You probably never believed that nettles could actually help people to treat diabetes and certain types of allergies. Before seeing your doctor who will only prescribe to you very expensive treatments for this kind of health problems, try nettle juice or nettle tea to see if they work. And if they do, you are lucky because it means that you can actually take care of yourself with the help of this natural home remedy, without the need of taking expensive and harmful medications day by day.

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