Plank exercise. Universal workout for the whole body. Takes only 2 minutes

This exercise is called Planck and will completely change your vision of regular exercise. If you do it right, they will work all major muscles: the abdomen, shoulders, hands, feet. With this exercise you can strengthen the entire body without making a special effort. Secret plank exercise is static character; you must have a fixed position above the floor and place your hands and toes only. This position must be maintained for 1-2 minutes, but the result is amazing.

Already after two days it will strengthen your muscles and the entire body will feel better!

How is done correctly
Lie on the floor with the face down. Bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees; just lean on your forearms and toes. Be careful, the body must form a straight line. Do not twist your head or your chin down to your chest.
Tighten your abdominal muscles and not relax until the end of the year. Do not let the tank go down to the floor.

Keep feet together so they will be required within the abdominal muscles. Taut leg muscles keeping them straight. Also tense gluteal muscles. Suck your belly and do not forget the tension of the abdominal muscles. At the same time do not stop breathing, it must be balanced. The elbows should be strictly under the shoulders.
Start with short sessions: Keep this position for 30 seconds. Every time increase the training after a period you can maintain this position for 2 minutes. It’s a very useful and safe charging for all body muscles.

Side Plank is a more complicated variant of the exercise. In this way it is harder to maintain balance, but instead the lateral muscles are working.
Lie on your left side, lean on your elbow, which should be just below the shoulder. The legs should be straight. Put your right hand on right hip. Tighten abdominal muscles and lift the basin until the body will be upright.

Plank with raised hand is an option for those who have already mastered previous exercise. Maintain straight body position as in the basic exercise, and lay on a hand. Leaning in one hand can cause balance problems, but the effect is extraordinary. Repeat this with each hand.

Another option that enhances the effect of exercise is the plank with raised leg base. Thus abdominal muscles will tighten further.
Take the basic position. Lift one leg above the shoulder level without bend it and without changing body position. Hold this position as much as possible. Pause, and then repeat with the other leg.
After a first training with this exercise you muscles will tremble. Do not worry, it’s normal. As your muscles become stronger, they will tremble less and less. It’s pretty easy to get a sportier silhouette! Plank exercise requires 2 minutes and can be practiced at home.

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Plank exercise. Universal workout for the whole body