Pen Wrap and Roll Tutorial Made Easy

To keep our pens in place and in an orderly, neat manner, we bring to you something amazing. How many have you heard of keeping pens in a roll? Well, of course, a cloth roll, but it is effective and very useful. Today we shall give you a tutorial on how to make a Pen Wrap & Roll.

Today’s tutorial is about keeping the pens in the crayon manner where colors kept as per their transition. The making of the roll is quite simple, for which you need scraps of clothing material, pins, and a needle & thread.

The Setting:

  • First step

Gather scraps of clothing material that must be the different shades of color to match the pens.

  • Second step

Neatly iron the cut out pieces and measure them against your colored pens to adjust the size and color.

  • Third step

Add a seam allowance of 1/4th of the size to give the set a proper dimension. Measure the side and make due cuttings.

  • Final step

Finally, when the measurement and cutting are over, pin it up for a preview of the item. Fold the cut cloths and place it one by one beside each other as per the shade. Also, keep in mind that pinning it up will make it easier for it to be sewn into the role that you are making.

The setting allows the creator to make adjustments if needed. It also helps in doing the work with ease as the setting is already constructed. This gives the roll a definition. It is advisable to be very calm and patient towards making such items out of cloth. It requires precision cuts and measurement otherwise it turns out to be a mess. Be careful while making the cuts and set it well. Make sure the color coordination is on point and no color is overriding the other. These kinds of craftwork are about visuals if there is an inch of a mistake it shows. Therefore, calmly let your craftiness do the work.

The Making:

  • First step

Slowly press open all the seam allowances and iron it to give a proper shape to it. Ironing helps the cloth stay in place.

  • Second step

Cut out an extra cloth in beige color, 1/2 the size of the cut cloths and place the colored cutting on the edge of the beige cloth.

  • Third step

When both the clothes are in place, sew the right sides together. Then go to the bottom of the colored cloth and tuck the raw edge. Add another beige cloth, 1/4th shorter than the colored cloth and fold it. Sew it on the neutral side of the cloth and cover the open edges.

  • Fourth step

Fold the top side of the beige cloth and press it. Do the same thing once again. Then turn over to fold then stitch the right sides together. Trim the corners off. Fold the outer edges.

  • Fifth step

Cut two strips of 2” width depending on the number of pens. Fold each strip of fabric in half and fold the outer edges like a bias strip. Attach one tie to the back

  • Sixth step

After stitching around each strip, fold in half and attach one to the top edge and the other between the pinned edges. Then, pin the second tie and fold into the half seam. Stitch the edge on both sides of the holder.

This was the making. It is quite simple; you have to place the setting in place and then stitch the edges and attach the parts of the cloth made separately. Use polyester thread and stitch ‘in the ditch’ or right on the seam of each panel of the cloth. When the process is complete, you can tuck your pens inside the little pockets that you have made with the scraps of cloth. Your Pen Wrap & Roll is done.

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