Pearls are Women`s best friend !


Quality natural pearls are very rare jewels. The actual value of a natural pearl is determined in the same way as it would be for other “precious” gems. The valuation factors include size, shape, color, quality of surface, orient and luster.Single, natural pearls are often sold as a collector’s item, or set as centerpieces in unique jewelry.
Very few matched strands of natural pearls exist, and those that do often sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. (In 1917, jeweler Pierre Cartier purchased the Fifth Avenue mansion that is now the New York Cartier store in exchange for a matched, double strand of natural pearls that he had been collecting for years; valued at the time at $1 million USD.
Pearls are Women`s best friend !
Earrings and necklaces can also be classified on the grade of the color of the pearl. While white, and more recently black, saltwater pearls are by far the most popular, other color tints can be found on pearls from the oceans. Pink, blue, champagne, green, black and even purple saltwater pearls can be encountered, but to collect enough of these rare colors to form a complete string of the same size and same shade can take years.

Let`s now came back to the reality . Only some of us girls can be proud of having in their jewelry box a pair of pearls of any kind , earrings , necklace , ring or bracelet . But , we all have fake ones .

However, when we mention pearl, the first thing to pop in our minds are the necklaces made of beautiful well shaped pearls-but necklaces are not the only jewellery made of pearls; there are earrings, bracelets, and even other accessories such as headbands- but let’s talk about the stunning pearl bangles. For this summer, multiple bracelet are a hot trend, and pearl bangles as well; wear different color of pearl bracelets to create a retro look.

For you girls , I made this collage of pearls . I`ll hope that you will like it !


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