Obtain irresistible legs with these exercises in just 12 minutes a day


These exercises will help you tone your legs and give them a sexy shape that will turn heads on the street. You’ll be envied for the beautiful legs and elegance that you show by walking. There is a famous saying “The world is at your command!” And with these legs, it’s sure that you’ll get to own supremacy and conquer the one that you want.

You start off with squats with your legs shoulder-width apart for 30 seconds, then try some lunges. After this list of exercises where you work only 12 minutes a day, you will have many other challenges, both in terms of exercises and how to work and further benefits. To reach understand what you have to do read further. From here you will learn the steps and see how to be in shape for summer, working only 12 minutes a day.
Squats with weight in your hands. Take a weight and keep it in front of your chest with both hands. Spread your legs and moving toes outward. Do 1 or 2 sets of 15 repetitions.
Walking on your toes. Take some weights and walk on your toes without losing balance for 60 seconds. Do this 5 times.
Squat on one leg. Stand with arms extended at shoulder level. Lift up one leg. From this position do a squat; Return to the starting position; performs a series of 15 repetitions.

Sideways leg lift. Knees and hands flat on the floor. In this position sideways lift your leg. Repeat 15 times for each leg

For best results and more toned legs try the following options:
–  climb the stairs instead of using  the elevator
–  do not sit down for more than an hour
– ride a bike
– run in park
– jump rope
– skate

Obtain irresistible legs with these exercises in just 12 minutes a day


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