Nutritionist’s Advice: How much should we eat in order not to gain weight?

Nutritionists argue that eating a balanced diet, with moderate alcohol consumption, at maximum, following a regular exercise program and also reducing or quitting smoking, help us to stay fit and healthy. Nutritionists sustain that a “balanced diet” seems to be perceived too easily and even with optimism. But this is only from a theoretical point of view. When it comes to implementation, it seems rather problematic as enthusiasm often disappears.

In the nutritionist’s opinion, there are a few general rules that are easy to follow, create the comfort of a lifestyle, in contrast with a restrictive diet, and is also a friendly way to address the issue of nutrition.

“Stop counting calories. Replace this habit with learning the correct food combinations and determining the portion size of foods ingested in a meal. The amount of foods high in protein – such as: fish, cheese, meat – should have the size of the consumer’s palm” say the nutritionists.

Eating breakfast following by eating at intervals of two or three hours forces one to consume small portions of food, this way controlling hunger, offering comfort, energy, increased physical and mental efficiency and also a good managed of everyday stress.

According to the nutritionist, whole foods (such as: bread, cereal, pasta, rice) should be preferred over the refined ones. From her point of view, it should be noted the fact that by simply choosing whole foods over refined ones brings a plus in terms of nutritional properties. Besides, they have fewer calories in comparison with refined foods.

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How much should we eat in order not to gain weight