Did you notice the small loop at the back of the shirt? Here is what is used for

Clothes can highlight your natural qualities and can simplify your way in your career, whether you are an industrial leader, businessman or worker at a factory. The level of self-esteem becomes visible through the clothes you choose to wear during the hours spent at work.

A man’s shirt is an important part of his clothing and shows the confidence they have when he fulfills its tasks.

Therefore, a suitable shirt will make a positive impression for those working in business, even if potential partners, employers or clients. But the shirts used to send a different message in the past.  Maybe you saw that loop at the back of your boyfriends/husband/son’s shirt, and maybe you have wondered what its use is? Cause it definitely serves for something is there for some good reasons. Well, here is the explanation: in the past, people hanged their clothes by these loops avoiding in this way the shirt to get wrinkles on it. They didn’t have hangers and all the things that exist now. The loops are originally used by East Coast sailors who used to hang their shirts on ships. This little detail soon found itself onto the streets. And suddenly a new trend started with the US made Oxford button down shirts in the 1960′s and after that it became part of Ivy ‘League culture.

Originally it shown the relationship status or interest of a man. Some ladies would ripe the locker loops of  the boys who they liked to show their interest. And sometime a guy would remove the loop by himself to show that he is already in a relationship. The trend still exists nowadays being used by various brands. Of course with all the hangers that we have today, we don’t need to hang the shirt using that small loop, now its purpose being just a decorative design.

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Did you notice the small loop at the back of the shirt.