No Sew Teepee


Last night I finally got around to making Caleb’s new teepee and He Is THRILLED!! I don’t know if he’ll ever sleep in his bed again. The kid just wants to sleep in it every night. He’s pretty cute all curled up in there.

Here’s what it looks like as of today.

No Sew TeepeeNo Sew TeepeeI thought it would be nice to put a few pillows in there for sitting on and Rexy to play with. So I staged it all nice and called Caleb in.

No Sew TeepeeBut Caleb saw it, hauled all of the pillows out {except for the red striped one} and rummaged around for all of his blankies to throw in there. Even Rexy didn’t make the cut. This is his idea of a comfy teepee I guess.

No Sew TeepeeThis teepee isn’t perfect, but its perfect for this little boy. In case you’re wondering how I built it; here you go!


  • 3/4 inch wood poles cut to 6 feet each {although 5 1/2 feet would have sufficed as well)
  • rope/twine
  • 4′ x 15′ drop cloth
  • hot glue gun

1. I started by tying the string to one of the poles and then lining up the rest of the poles where I wanted and then wrapping and crisscrossing and securing them all together.

No Sew TeepeeNo Sew Teepee2. After, I draped the drop cloth around the poles. Then I pinned the top together to keep it where it needed to be.  Then it was time for HOT GLUE!! At first I thought to sew the top together but I saw my hot glue gun just sitting there and decided to get my glue gunning on! It created a great, no-fuss seam… exactly how I like things. No-fuss!

No Sew Teepee3. I had a lot off excess on the bottom, so I got my scissors out and trimmed, trimmed, trimmed away. I’m actually pretty surprised with how straight I got it! I’m leaving the edges raw but I think they’ll be fine. Then I took the glue gun again and attached the fabric to the bottom of each leg to keep fabric in place.

And there we have it! Done… for now!

No Sew TeepeeI don’t mind it plain, but part of me wants to funk it up a little {yep, I really just said funk} Here are a few options I came up with.

Option 1: Paint the Middle Flap

No Sew TeepeeOption 2: Blue and Red Bottom Stripes

No Sew TeepeeOption 3: White and Blue Bottom Stripes

No Sew TeepeeOption 4: Chevron Stripes 

No Sew TeepeeWhat do you think? Should I just keep it plain or do something to funk it up? Part of me is also thinking pom-pom tassle. That could be lots of fun!

No Sew TeepeeThe important thing is that Caleb loves it though!

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No Sew Teepee


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