New Magic Remedy – Potato Juice

Drink potato juice each day or apply it on face! You will get amazed by what will happen in our body!
The fried potatoes, mashed potatoes or the potatoes baked in over would delight anybody because they are absolutely delicious. But, have you even thought about of how it is to eat raw potatoes? Well, probably no, but it is necessary to know how much they can benefit to your health and maybe you will change your mind.

The potato juice is a precious elixir, you just have to be attentive on how you choose them. To prepare this drink, choose the ripe potatoes, without green tracks on its peel, or sprouts, because in both situations we have to deal with solanine, a toxic substance.

How to prepare the potato juice

Even if do not have a juicer at home, it is however very simple to prepare potato juice. Wash the potato, grate it and put it in a colander, over a recipient where it will be able to drain. Drink the juice as such, or mix it with other fruits or vegetables.

Potato juice, an effective remedy for numerous diseases

Potato juice can heal you miraculously of gastritis, the most often met health condition. All that you need to do is to take a tablespoon of juice diluted with water, half of hour before meal.

For the treatment of the stomach and duodenal ulcer, take daily 50 ml of potato juice on an empty stomach. This juice is also efficient in the reduction of blood sugar and can combat lung diseases.

In the opinion of Buddhist monks, 200 ml of potato juice daily consumed can heal the cancer and other lethal diseases. In Japan, the scientists made experiments on mice and they stopped the increase of the tumors with the help of a substance extracted from potatoes. Recently, it has been demonstrated that potato juice boosts the immunity system, combats the migraines and the menstrual pains. In addition, it is recommended in the cases of chronic fatigue and extenuation. The pile of potato is a natural detoxifier, source of numerous nutrients.

Potato is efficient also for sensitive skin care, leaving the skin clean, shiny, without acne or blackheads. You just have to grate a small potato and apply the mask on your face. Vitamin C feeds the skin and prevents the aging process. The juice can be also applied on hands, especially on finger joints and knuckles, making your skin soft and supple.

Raw potato can be a remedy for hyperpigmentation as well. It is a skin condition in which certain regions of the skin are darker than its normal color. Raw potato juice must be applied on the affected area of the body on daily basis to have a good result. Also, mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice it can help you to get rid of tan.

So, you have lots of reasons to try this remedy, because it guarantees a better general condition. Moreover, it is simple to prepare, to use, it is quite safe and without any risks of side effects.

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New Magic remedy Potato Juice