Nature Inspired Fall Tablescape

Now that the Halloween candy bowl is near empty I thought it was time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. I wanted to create a Fall Tablescape that coordinated with my Neutral Fall Mantle. So I grabbed a bag and headed outside for a nature walk to forage for acorns and pine cones.

Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeI have the tendency to put stuff on my dinning room table, so making it pretty I figured would help me keep it clear. My (original) plan was to gather acorns and pine cones to fill up a particular wooden box I have.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeA few acorns later and things started to change. An old branch covered with lichen had fallen and got my attention.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeLichen is like a Halloween candy bowl for deer.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeI know there is an old saying that moss grows on the north side of a tree but our Oak’s are covered with moss a full 360 degrees. During our walk I managed to find a few more acorns.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeMy bag, and now arms, were getting pretty full so we headed back to the house. My mind was starting to flash ideas, like a rogue Pinterest board, of what I would do with my nature walk collection and spotted a Lemon Balm Mint plant. I grab a handful of mint leaves too!
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeI laid out all our treasures on a table outside to encourage any creepy crawlies to find a new home. I noticed we had a theme going, shades of woods and greens, which would still coordinate with my mantle. I started on my new decor plan. With a few new touches of white candles and shimmery glass punch cups and Mason Jars, my nature walk inspiration began.I started by adding some of the lichen and moss, to the punch glasses as well as a tea light.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeI put the glasses in a group of three, with one glass turned upside down and a larger candle sitting on top.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeI added a bit more lichen and moss to a couple of jars with hinged lids. A third jar (hard to see in this picture) holds the handful of acorns I managed to sneak in the bag.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeWhat did I do with the hairy sticks you ask? Well I added a few to a couple of Mason Jars, one on each end of the wooden box.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeIncluded in each jar is a branch with a vine wrapped around it. My luck the vine is from a Poison Oak devil-bush and I’ll be completely covered head to toe in a torturous rash. I’ll keep you posted.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeAround the Mason Jars, I placed the pieces of bark, along with sprigs of mint and the rare few pine cones that the squirrels hadn’t torn apart for their winter stash.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeAny leftover hairy sticks were laid in the box in between the jars and punch glasses turned candle holders.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeMy nature walk was fun and every time I look at my collection from my walk, and how beautiful it turned out I smile. (it will be so amazing to do this with your children… good memories)
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeI even managed to add some of our leftover collection to create a vignette on the built-in china hutch.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeHere is my dinning room table before.
Nature Inspired Fall TablescapeAnd my new Nature Walk Inspired Fall Tablescape.
Nature Inspired Fall Tablescape
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Nature Inspired Fall Tablescape