Natural Solutions that Help you Get Rid of Moths

Moths look like small butterflies and are well-known for the fact that their larvae attacks clothes that are made of fur and wool, but they adore other items in your home as well, like furniture and carpets made of silk; armchairs and sofas.

There is another category of moths to know as well – the ones that grow in food that are improperly stored, such as nuts, pasta, rice, sugar, cornmeal and flour. Pills, sprays and naphthalene are all great and common methods that help us to get rid of moths, but here are some natural solutions to become familiar with and do this job efficiently. These natural techniques are accessible to everyone and cheap as well.

Herbs help you to get rid of moths
Moths can be efficiently combated with herbs. Compared to other commercial products which may be dangerous, herbs are completely non-toxic and their smell is also found to be better, unlike naphthalene spray odor. You will need a few pieces of cloth and in the middle of each piece you will place a pile of mint, thyme or rosemary leaves. Place each cloth in all corners of the house and bind it with a string. You need to change the bags once every month because the flavor that is in the cloth loses from its flavor after 30 days.

Cedar wood and essential oil help you to get rid of moths
Cedar is also considered to have a very pleasant smell which is not as strong as herbs` odor, but its efficiency is equal to herbs` power in your fight against moths. You can buy cedar in the form of rings or balls and they only need to be polished on a regular basis for re-activating their scent.
For using one of your preferred essential oils, you will need some cotton pads or cotton swabs on which you pour several drops of oil, and then grease with them your shelves, the inside of your wardrobes and your doors.

Newspapers can also help us to get rid of moths
This may sound strange to some people, but newspapers represent another natural solution in our combating process against those disgusting moths. Newspapers have a strong smell of ink and moths simply can`t stand that smell. When you want to get rid of them, all you have to do is place newspapers between your clothes. It is not enough to put newspapers between your clothes only once. Moths most probably will not disappear because newspapers lose that specific ink smell relatively quickly. This is the reason why you will need to change newspapers every several days for the 100% guarantee that this method will indeed help to get rid of moths.

Now that you became familiar with four natural techniques that help you get rid of moths efficiently, you will definitely choose them and go for the cheaper and natural way. Say goodbye to expensive and toxic commercial products forever and eliminate moths from your furniture and clothes with the help of these natural techniques!

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