Natural Remedy that Will Make You Forget about Bunions


Bunions represent salt deposits. There are numerous reasons that can cause their appearance. For example, they can be a consequence of influenza, tonsillitis, gout, poor metabolism, improper nutrition, rheumatic infection and wearing uncomfortable shoes. Bunions can create a lot of problems. It is difficult to find suitable footwear and look rather unattractive. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that will help you wash the excess of salt off your body and get rid of your bunions, or, at least, reduce their size and diminish the inflammation.

Recipe no. 1
Before going to bed, pour 300 ml of water over a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves. Boil them for 5 minutes and after this pour the mixture into a thermos and leave it overnight. In the morning, strain it and sip during the day. It is important not to drink it all at once. Do this procedure 3 days in a row. Every evening, prepare the portion for the next day, do not prepare everything at once. After one week, repeat the treatment.

This mixture will make you want to pee often. This should not scare you, this means that the salt from your organism has started to be eliminated. In 10 days you will feel relief and your joint pain will start to disappear. But that does not mean that you should stop your cure. It has to last 2 months, the bunions to totally heal.

Recipe no. 2
Crush 5 large bay leaves and pour over them 96% alcohol. Let it sit for 7 days and after this strain. Before applying this remedy, dip your feet in 3 liters of water with one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate. After this, pat your feet dry, apply the remedy and put on a pair of short, cotton socks. A blend of iodine with aspirin will also work miracles on your bunions, joint pain and other symptoms of this health disorder.

Recipe no. 3
I bet you have not known that regular soaps can take away the pain and inflammation caused by bunions. Grate some soap and massage with it gently the bunions. After this, wash the area with some lukewarm water, dab dry and apply some iodine in a net-like form. You can easier do it by using a cotton pad. Leave 1 cm distance between the lines. It is demonstrated that iodine is better absorbed by the skin when it is applied in this way. Let the iodine be absorbed entirely and then put on socks. Do this procedure every day during one month.

You can also combine lemon juice and iodine in a proportion of 1:1 and apply it on the bunions.

Bunions appear at the base joint in the big toe and result with the pushing of the big toe toward the other toes of the foot. If you find at you these characteristics, then start making changes in your lifestyle and use home remedies immediately, to escape from medical interventions.

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Natural Remedy that Will Make You Forget about Bunions


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