How much walking you need to lose weight?


Diets are not as effective as sport, and many of us consider going to work as part of this category. This may be an option to lose weight without too much physical effort, but how many steps you have to do in a day to manage to take off the pounds? Opinions are divided. Some experts say it is inanimate 20,000 steps to be successful while others say that this depends on the weight of each of us.

Here are some tips on how to walk to lose weight.

Trainer David Jeanty, which leads a famous hall in New York believes that both body weight and your rhythm will determine the number of steps you need to do in a day to lose weight and burn a certain number calories. “If you burn more calories than you consume, then you will begin to see results. If on 1 mile you make 2,000 steps, you burn 100 calories. 500 grams means 3,500 calories, therefore, to lose 1.1 pound a week you need a deficit of 500 calories a day.

Theoretically, you need 10,000 steps to lose weight; this is the recommended rate of any coach. But there are other things to consider when you want to lose weight especially when making this type of  exercise.

Instructor Jason Tran advises us to walk quickly for 50 minutes in order to burn 200 calories. Art Waltman, director of physiology at the University of Virginia argues that there is a link between exercise intensity and hormones that burn fat. So if you walk fast you can free up a lot more of hormones.

You don’t need to walk fast like on a marathon to lose weight, but you have to go a little faster than you usually do. And do not forget that every step counts. Do not climb into the elevator and take the stairs recommend Jeanty, do not expect them to take you to your destination, get off one station before the destination and walk.

While you’re at work, leave the building after lunch and go 10 minutes around. The fresh air will help your body and mind.

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How much walking you need to lose weight?