Mouth Sores Home Remedies

Mouth sore is well-known on its other naming, canker sore. It is usually the cause of a certain tissue injury, when a painful blister is formed. Along with tissue injury, stress may be another common cause of mouth sores` appearance. Particular deficiencies in the organism may also easily result in mouth sores, such as vitamin B-12, zinc, iron or folic acid deficiency. However, these sores may also indicate the problem with another health conditions, including weak immune system, crohn disease, celiac disease and several others.

It is still complicated to identify the real cause of mouth sores. The truth is that mouth sores don`t last for a too long period of time, but the pain they bring behind sometimes becomes insupportable. Mouth sores unfortunately make chewing and eating extremely difficult and painful. There are several home remedies that may help to get rid of mouth sores quickly.

Buttermilk represents the magic ingredient, when it comes to treat mouth sores naturally, because of its acidic nature. This acidic nature is responsible for making buttermilk highly efficient, in terms of reducing pain caused by mouth sores. The active ingredient in buttermilk is the so-called lactic acid which is well-known for blocking bacteria production and growth. This means that lactic acid comes with anti-bacterial properties. This is the reason why buttermilk is able to efficiently cure mouth sores which is practically caused by bacterial infections. This home remedy is considered to be the number 1, in terms of mouth sores.

2.Baking soda
Baking soda works as a pain reliever when applied precisely on the affected area. It is considered to be an anti-bacterial agent that kills the bacteria responsible for the appearance of mouth sores. Practically, mouth sores are possible to cure with baking soda in 2 to 3 days because it will not allow the pathogenic bacteria to live for too long in your mouth. This is the reason why baking soda is often used as a home remedy for curing mouth sores. Baking soda is an efficient pain reliever because it is able to weaken and kill the sore quickly. Once the infection is weakened, it is not able to cause immense pain anymore. Baking soda is also well-known as a PH controller. Disturbed PH level in the mouth may sometimes favor the appearance of mouth sores. But once you apply baking soda on the affected area, it means that it also regulates PH level back to its normal range. Having all these thoughts in mind, we can easily conclude that baking soda is indeed the ultimate home remedy for mouth sores, regardless of the reason that caused their development.

Honey is another popular home remedy used for mouth sores. It can also efficiently treat fever blisters and cold sores. Honey is rich in proteins and vitamins that the body uses, so that it can strengthen the immune system. Therefore, if you want to give a boost for your immunity, honey is the answer. And if you have a strong immune system, it is definitely able to fight against bacteria that cause sores. Applying honey directly over the mouth sore is extremely beneficial. The growth of bacteria is possible to block because of the enzymes and sugars contained in honey. This is how pain reduces, because bacteria start to be weakened. Thus you have the opportunity to cure mouth sores consequently.

Salt represents a quick and efficient home remedy for mouth sores because salt is a natural agent that kills bacteria. This means that it is another agent with anti-bacterial properties. Gradual salt usage leads to reducing the amount and intensity of germs in the mouth that caused your sore. When you have problems with eating, especially with chewing because of pain, salt will definitely help you. Mouth sores are possible to completely heal by regular salt usage. It is important to know that some people use the toothpaste as a home remedy for mouth sores because it contains a lot of salt. The gargle method with salty water is one of the most popular home remedies for mouth sores because it easily kills sore causing bacteria. Salt is considered to be the easiest and safest home remedy for curing mouth sores, because it is 100% safe for human consumption.

5.Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has numerous benefits and is used for various medicinal purposes. Besides its numerous health benefits, it has strong anti-bacterial properties as well. This is the reason why it also works as a great home remedy for mouth sores. Aloe Vera is safe for human consumption and its gel can be directly applied on the affected area. Because the plant also has analgesic (pain killing) properties, it can reduce pain intensity that comes from your mouth sore. If you don`t prefer applying Aloe gel in your mouth, you can switch to drinking Aloe juice. In its juice form, it is important for regulating digestion because improper digestion leads to constipation and further results in unusual PH level (we mentioned above that irregular PH level is sometimes the cause of mouth sores). If your mouth sores keep coming back, Aloe Vera will not only treat them, but will also make them disappear forever.

6.Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar reduces and gradually cures mouth sores, because of its acidic nature. This is possible because bacteria fail to bear the strong acidic nature of apple cider vinegar and they end up dying. This is the reason why apple cider vinegar is another efficient home remedy for curing mouth sores.

Mouth sores last for maximally 15 days, but they bring insupportable pain behind and sometimes even keep turning back. However, all of the 6 described home remedies above will help you say goodbye to mouth sores forever. If your mouth sore isn`t improved in maximum 8 to 10 days with these home remedies, it is recommended to consult your doctor because in certain cases, mouth sores may be the sign of other diseases slowly looming and developing in the body. However, these home remedies should theoretically be able to perfectly treat mouth sores and never let them come back again.
If following these home remedies your mouth sore comes back again and again, you need immediate medical attention. It`s not a good thing to neglect mouth sores that keep coming back and last for too long, because they may be the sign of a more serious disorder. Other things you could do for naturally treating mouth sores include vanilla, yoghurt, garlic oil, raspberry, walnuts, tomatoes, citrus fruits, quit smoking, avoiding the consumption of alcohol and aerated drinks and drinking plenty of water.

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Mouth Sores Home Remedies