Mistakes that you make when you use towels

If cared properly, a towel can hold up to ten years, during which fulfills its mission as well as the day it was bought. But we make mistakes along the way, from ignorance or haste and towels lose their fluffy appearance. A US company specialized in luxury fabrics put together seven mistakes we make when we use towels.

Here they are:
The first mistake, according to experts from Boll Branch, is the use of fabric softener when washing towels. Substance that makes clothes softer reduces the towel’s ability to absorb water when you use them after bathing. The fabric also takes odors which makes it easier to gain that towel odor of dampness and mold.

Secondly, because we talked about smells, they pull the towels folded or crumpled in the laundry basket after use. After you have washed or after you have used it, extend them or hang them on a wire in a very well ventilated place.

Another mistake that must be avoided at is the use of towels to remove makeup. It can stain ugly and sometimes permanently so use special cleansing wipes.

When you wash them avoid using too much detergent. This not only strengthens the fabric towels but they also become quite uncomfortable in use. Use less detergent than using a normal wash cycle or seek detergent for babies.

Do not forget to shake them well after washing, then extend them on the wire, or when they’re dumped into the dryer. Such a towel put in the dryer may remain with permanent creases.

Do not wipe traces of toothpaste using a towel! Many of these hygienic products have in their composition teeth whitening substances and thus you risk waking up with stains on your towels that you can’t longer remove.

Staying on the same topic, do not use detergents containing bleach on towels because they lose the color or get those unsightly blemishes. Finally, say experts at Boll & Branch, wash the towels after more than four uses.

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Mistakes that you make when you use towels