Mercury Glass Mason Jar Lanterns


In the past, Mercury Glass was one of those rare treasures you would find at a garage sale or thrift store and just squeal over. Now, I don’t know what genius came up with a DIY version, but I’m betting my bottom dollar, it was a SuperMom who wanted some Mercury Glass of her own, but refused to pay the antique store cost. Mercury meets Mason Jar in my take of a icy winter lantern to light up my Christmas mantle.

Mercury Glass Mason Jar LanternsFirst, let’s start with the how-to’s of DIY Mercury Glass. I was so excited to learn how to add a Mercury Glass effect on any glass surface. The materials are simple and so is the process.
Mercury Glass Mason Jar LanternsA quick spritz of your vinegar & water mixture and then a light coating of the Looking Glass paint. Lightly dab the little bubbles that pop up, or rub gently, depending on the look you’re after. I repeated this process 4 times, waiting just a few minutes in between the spritzing and spraying (the paint dries really fast).
So, my inspiration for a Mercury Glass Mason Jar Lantern was sparked this summer walking through Home Depot. I spotted a display of these beauties…
Mercury Glass Mason Jar Lanterns…but for $15 bucks a pop no way! I’ll make my own thankyouverymuch. For the lids I used Plastic Storage Caps not because I spray painted them with Chalk Board paint. But because I hot glued LED Battery-Operated Tap Lights, to the bottoms! The Tap Lights easily twist off the cap to change the batteries when needed.
Mercury Glass Mason Jar LanternsI could have used the tops to real solar lights much like I did with my Mason Jar Solar Lanterns , but I wanted to use this Mercury version on my Christmas Mantle.
Mercury Glass Mason Jar LanternsNo sun necessary! I used silver jewelry wire to wrap around the top and twist together for a make shift handle. The great thing is these jars look just as pretty in the day…
Mercury Glass Mason Jar Lanterns…as they do at night!
Mercury Glass Mason Jar LanternsWhat I really enjoy is the ability to use these indoor or outdoor. Having a party outside? Think about how fun these would be on a table. Just erase Santa’s chuckle after the holidays and they’re perfect any time of year.
Mercury Glass Mason Jar LanternsI can’t wait to show you how they look on my mantle but I still have to finish it! When company comes over I can quickly open the jar, touch the light and have instant ambiance. Here is a picture of the Mercy Mason Jar Lanterns outside at night. I couldn’t believe how bright they are!Mercury Glass Mason Jar LanternsLooking for a unique handmade gift for a Mercury Glass or Mason Jar collector? Or anyone really… who wouldn’t love this?
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Mercury Glass Mason Jar Lanterns