Melted Snowman Ornaments


One of my favorite parts of Christmas is reliving the traditions of my childhood. My parents blessed me with many MANY traditions including an ornament exchange. Every year we got together with a big group of cousins and traded ornaments. I still have many of these ready to be hanged in the tree this year.

I saw these sweet ornaments all over Pinterest last year and knew I’d make them in the future. The materials are fun and versatile, putting them together is going to be a blast, and giving them to your family’s members a big hit!

Melted Snowman Ornaments

Melted Snowman OrnamentsSadly, I don’t have all my ornaments anymore because some broke. So it was great finding plastic bulbs to use. We gathered some little sticks for arms and the other snowman parts I found at JoAnne’s. Except for the little scarfs. Those were made from a pair of old PJ’s.

Melted Snowman OrnamentsLOVE the tiny fringe on the end!

Melted Snowman OrnamentsAll items were placed into a muffin-tin for an assembly line process to put our snowmen together.

Melted Snowman OrnamentsI lucked out finding these fun carrot noses but I’ve also seen pieces of orange pipe cleaners used for noses or handmade from clay. I really wanted to find a top hat but they were all too big to fit through the top of the ornament!

I was in charge of putting the Epsom Salt aka Snow into the bulbs, then placed it into an empty spot in the muffin tin.

Melted Snowman Ornaments12 times around and we had 12 Melted Snowman Ornaments! I saw an idea where flowers from a wedding bouquet were put into a clear bulb and loved it!

They turned out fantastic! Doesn’t the Epsom Salts look like real snow?! It was fun shaking the little guys and trying to get their parts to line up! I kinda cheated when I opened this one up and poked a stick inside to move stuff around. Hey, it was too cold to shake it until it was perfect!

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Melted Snowman Ornaments