Mason Jar Chandelier

I don’t know if you know but I have a bit of a fascination with Mason Jars. I have absolutely no idea where I got it from either.  But I do know that I truly enjoy decorating with them. My latest project started from one of my very first Pin’s on Pinterest.  Seriously, like I think it was my third Pin. And I finally made it: a Mason Jar Chandelier. Hooray for me! Come see how I did it and how easy it really is!

A simple yet rustic piece of wood with holes cut into it and Mason Jars used as candle holders for a make shift chandelier if you will. Simply beautiful. First things first, find a rustic piece of wood. I grabbed some jars from my jar pile and used them as a template for the holes to be cut in. I used a compass to draw the holes.

My board was long enough for 5 Mason Jars so I spaced them where I liked them and traced the mouth with the compass(or you can use a pencil to trace around the jar). Then you can use a jig saw to cut the holes with.

Now that my board had the look I was after it was time to attach the Mason Jars. Originally I thought the mouth of the jar would stick up through the board and all I had to do was screw the lid on to hold it in place. But, for that, the board would have to be extremely thin for that to work. For that you should use Dap Beats The Nail Construction Adhesive.

This stuff is pretty messy so resist the urge to put too much on and use your fingers to take it off. It’s not fun removing it from your hands, I speak from experience. Have a rag handy.

Once I got all 5 holes circled with the adhesive I attached the jars.  You can see where the adhesive squished up on top of the board. Knowing I would be hanging this I wasn’t too concerned with the mess it was making but do have a wet rag handy to wipe off the excess and keep your precious Mason Jars clean.

Knowing the exposed edge on my board would be the front I turned all the jars to face the same side as that edge. Try and ignore the yucky mess the adhesive made to the top of the board. I just kept reminding myself that it would not show…but I’ll know it’s there! Ugh!

I left the jars to dry for about 24 hours before I moved onto the next step:  Hanging the chandelier.  I decided to use chain and attached it to the board by nailing four U-shaped nails into the corners.  I think the nails are used for fencing but I’m not sure.

Instead of hanging four lengths of chain (similar to how the inspiration picture used four lengths of rope) I decided to meet them up together so the chandelier only hung from two lengths of chain.  Like this:

The last step before my obsession was complete was to turn the Mason Jars into candles. I picked up a couple bags of decorative sand and some colorful candles. I filled my jars about 1/3 of the way with a mixture of fine and coarse sand then gently pushed the 2 inch round candles down into the sand. A few clicks of the lighter and I was done!

OH. MY. MASON JAR.  My chandelier was finally complete! It’s rustic and whimsical, and a statement piece that I think would look great anywhere. Indoors or outdoors. On a front porch or outside hanging over a dining table.

I used white sand but river rocks would look gorgeous also. Beach glass would be great for the summer and allow more light to shine through the bottom of the jars. Even simple white candles, perhaps in different thicknesses and heights would look beautiful too!

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