Making a heart shaped pillow at home

A do-it-yourself project is always enticing and exciting. People find it satisfactory to carry out such projects, as they feel they content with the creations. Apart from the satisfaction, the result matters the most. People have the opportunity to create a wonderful creation that suits to their personality and taste. They no longer have to depend on commercial products. Making a heart pillow is a wonderful project. It will add the excitement in a relationship.
Selecting the fabric
Fabric is an important element for the pillow. There are various materials obtainable in the market. Nevertheless, there are hardly a few, which have a soft touch and feel. People have to consider the longevity of the fabric to ensure that the pillow will last for a good time. Research the internet to get a perspective about the fabric. On the contrary, satin is a good material. Selecting a combination of satin and cotton will suffice the requirement.

Dimensions and cuts
The dimension of the pillow depends solely on the user. It can be small, medium or large. There are endless choices, and people have to decide on a particular size. This gives access to get the required fabric from the market. Cut the fabric in the desired dimensions. Make sure to use a clothing liner underneath the fabric. The presence of the liner will give a complete feel to the pillow. Sew the fabric and the lining cloth together and in two sets. Use a paper to draw the shape of the heart. Now place the fabric on the paper and cut along the margin to achieve a form of heart. Now there are two pieces of heart shaped fabrics.

Stuffing and stitching
Stitch the two heart shaped fabrics together using a firm tread. Leave a gap at the end. Do not stitch the fabrics completely. The gap allows the user to stuff the fabric with cotton. Cotton buds are obtainable in the market and can be bought at a small price. Stuffing the quilting region with cotton is crucial. The addition depends on the size of the pillow and the total area it will make up. Being cautious is necessary under such circumstances. One should not stuff the pillow overly. This might cause the stitches to relieve and the entire fabric to unfold easily. Ensure that the cotton is accurate and not puffy. Now, close the small opening, once the material is inside the pillow fabric. The heart pillow is ready for use.

Making a heart pillow is an excellent activity. It can be an exceptional gift for your loved ones. All you should do is be cautious while selecting the material and the color. A heart need not be in red color always. There are a number of combinations and people are at liberty to choose their favorite color. Addition of bands and ribbons creates an attractive appearance, leaving an everlasting impression. A simple do-it-yourself project can be a wonderful idea to show how much you love.