Making a child’s lantern – a do-it-yourself project involving children

Involving kids in a craft class is an encouraging way. Kids will love to design and create various artifacts. Kid’s lantern is one such do-it-yourself project that involves both children and parents. It will be a fun way, and parents have a chance to spend a pleasant moment with their children. Apart from creating the lantern, the entire project will give out togetherness.

The basic step is to gather supplies necessary for preparing the lantern. This includes buying heavy construction sheets that are available in different colors. People can select a collection of colors or choose a particular set depending on the requirement. A pair of scissors, child friendly scissors, glue, stapler and tape, is other accessories that one should gather before starting the project. It is good to have decorative items in handy. This can include stickers, markers, sketch pens, glitter pens and sequins.

The layout
Fold any one of the construction sheet into the half and run along the corner. This will assure a tight fold. Using the scissor cut along the fold line of the paper. Make sure to cut it appropriately. It is preferable that a parent performs the cutting action. Children can use the kid’s scissor to cut the paper. The next step involves folding the paper in lengthwise. After folding, ensure to cut a 1-inch piece from one end. This piece acts as a handle to the lantern. Using scissors perform a series of cuts along the folded end. Make sure to leave 1 inch from one end of the paper.

Use imagination and creativity to decorate the folded paper. Make use of glitter pens, sketch pens and color pencils to decorate the paper. Try creating different designs, shapes and symbols. Ask children to design it, as they are more comfortable with imagination, colors and shapes. Use of stickers is also recommended. This will be helpful in creating an excellent appearance to the lantern. As soon as the decoration is complete, leave the paper for a few minutes to dry.

Using the glue club together the handle piece and decorative paper. Fold the paper into a circle that forms a cylinder with all the decoration facing outwards. Use glue to club the ends of the paper. Now, staple the handle from inside to the edge where the cuts from one end are stopped at one inch. Stapling is easy and user friendly. However, if the glue is used, people have to wait for a while to make sure that the paper holds the handle firmly. Once done, the kid’s lantern is ready for use.

Creating a do-it-yourself project at home involving children is a great activity. It not only brings happiness, but also develops the imagination of the child. Creating a lantern is a simple task. Gathering the supplies beforehand is helpful. Make sure that children are handling the scissors carefully. Keep an eye open while they cut the paper. Ensure proper protection to prevent unwanted accidents. Hang the lantern in the children’s room or the patio.