Make your own Chalk Paint


Chalk board paint is so awesome, but also so expensive. Especially when you have to paint several coats to create the optimal chalk board surface. When I found out the recipe for home-made chalk paint to do it yourself, from Printerest, from the Queen of DIY, the one, the only, Martha Stewart, I was excited. But also worried that it would be some huge deal to make with 500 million ingredients half of which I’d never heard of. But alas, I was wrong! Only 2 very simple ingredients!

Paint and Non-Sanded Tile Grout.

Simple.  AWESOME!  I’m sorry I doubted you Martha…

I’ve been wanting to do a couple projects and jumped at my chance. I had some Oops! paint I picked up at a local hardware store and was off to test Miss Martha’s theory ~ and it worked! Like magic! Any color paint could now magically turn into chalk paint.

Give it a try and you will be so pleased with this trick!

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Make your own Chalk Paint