Make Your Own Angry Birds Card!

When it comes to angry birds no one can deny that they don’t love the game. It’s a great game that is known to us. Since the time the Angry Birds game hit the market, there have been numerous Angry Birds merchandise that has been flooding the market. So why not learn to make some Angry Birds cards that you can gift to your near and dear ones on their birthday or any other special occasion. It’s really easy and fun to make these cards. All you have to do is get the right materials and you will be all set to make your own edition of Angry Birds cards. Without wasting any more time let’s get started with it.

How to Make Angry Birds Cards?

These Angry Birds cards look really cute and in order to make them you will be requiring the following items:

  1. 1 blank note card 5×7
  2. Glue gun with glue stick
  3. Paper cutter
  4. Stamp pad to ink edges and
  5. Hemp or twine paper

The cardstock colors that you will need:

  1. Green
  2. Sky Blue
  3. Brown
  4. Red
  5. White
  6. Black
  7. Light Orange or peach and
  8. Tan

You can get these items at any local stationery shop. Now let’s check out the steps.

  1. Background: For the background of the card you need to cut out a 4 & 5/8 x 6 & ½ piece of sky blue paper.
  2. Grass: The next thing that you need to do is shape the grass on the green paper and cut them out. The length of the grass should be around 2 inches. Make two strips of grasses out of the green paper.
  3. Slingshot: For the slingshot, you need to cut out a Y-shape which should be of 3 & ½ inch.
  4. Red Bird: After you are done with all the above mentioned stuff now it’s time to cut out the Angry Bird. In order to make the bird cut out one circle of 3 inches from the red cartridge.
  5. Belly: Next you need to cut out the belly of the bird which should be 3 inches in size. Use the tan cartridge for this.
  6. Eyes: Cut out the pair of eyes from the white cartridge. Make sure that they are ¾ inches in size.
  7. Eyeballs: For the eyeballs, you need to use the black cartridge. Cut out eyeballs of ¼ inch.
  8. Eyebrows: Next are the eyebrows for which you need to use the black cartridge again. Cut out a pair of eyebrows which should be ¾ inches in size.
  9. Hair: Use the red cartridge to cut two strands of hair which should be 1 inch long.
  10. More Hair: Again use the red cartridge to cut out more hair which should be 1 & ¼ inches long.
  11. Tail Feathers: Cut out oval-shaped tail feathers using the black cartridge which should be of 1 & ¼ inches.
  12. More Tail Feathers: Cut out more oval shaped tail feathers from the black cartridge which should be 1 inch long.
  13. Top of Beak: the beak should be of diamond shape. Use the peach cartridge to make the top of the beak which should be 1 inch in size.
  14. Bottom of The Beak: Cut out two oval shaped pieces for the bottom part of the beak which should be 1 & ¼ inches in size. Use the peach cartridge for this.
  15. After you are done with the cutouts now it’s time to put the card together for which you need to first layer the tan circle over the red circle to make the body.
  16. While they are still layered turn them over and mark the width on the back.
  17. Now cut out the belly and glue it to the red circle.
  18. For the beak layer the oval on top of the diamond and glue it together. Also, cut off the excess paper.
  19. For the hair place the bigger shape in the middle and smaller shapes on the sides and glue it. Do the same thing for the tail as well.
  20. Tail Feathers – Place the bigger feather in the center and the smaller ones on either side, just like the hair.
  21. After all, this is ready put the entire thing together. Start positioning everything in its right place to complete the card. Start from the bottom to make things easier for you.
  22. Once your bird is ready, take some hemp or twine and wrap it around the ends of the Y slingshot and glue it.
  23. Now place the bird inside the slingshot and measure the birds from one side of the slingshot to the other. Cut at the desired length and then cut two more pieces of the same length.
  24. Next tie all the three pieces together in a knot and glue them at the back of the Y. Put the birds back in the slingshot and pull the twine around the bird.
  25. Now glue your sky background on the note card and then place the bird and the slingshot on the card. Glue them up too.

And your Angry Birds card is ready!

This may take some time to make this card but you need to trust that the need result is going to be really cool. So whenever you get a day-off you can try your hands in making the Angry Birds card with the help of these steps.

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