How to make your kids clean the house

Despite the opinion of some of us, experts argue that domestic activities have a number of advantages. First, they can wake up a little high sense of responsibility, you can boost them to do things increasingly more complex, and they can help to build organizational capacity and could increase his confidence in their abilities.

Even the voices of experts such as Richard Rende, author of Raising Can-Do Kids who tell us that although millennium parents are more concerned about all sorts of extracurricular activities that bring guaranteed professional success to their kids, all these parents forget that domestic skills are, in fact, an element that predicts success.

In addition, studies conducted over decades have shown that these activities have benefit academic, professional and emotional, and children who were left to test even at an early age were more likely to have good relationships with friends and family and highest academic results, but also to be more independent than those who have not experienced at all. Besides all these listed advantages, chores teach children to be more empathetic and respond to the needs of those around them.

5 Tips To befriend children with household chores
If you want to make the little ones to enjoy all of the above, but it seems that there is much reluctance on their part to household chores, here are some tips on where to put them into practice:

1. When the younger brother asks the big one to give a hand with toys arrangement, do not excuse the big one with  homework  or telling him that is not his duty. So you can believe that things related to school are more important than helping the one next to you when needed, even can make him develop a selfish side.
2. Start it as a play, because, most often, it is.
3. Learn to focus on the younger one can do, highlighting this, not that it helped you. Highlighting his qualities can help the child to more clearly outline the skills.
4. Focus on chores that perform directed towards the whole family, not just to the one that performs it. Everyone can make everything go smoothly throughout the house, although we tend to think that’s enough to focus on strictly the things that belong to us.
5. Adopt a positive or even neutral tone related chores. Maybe you do not really like to wash dishes or to cook, but if your kids will always hear you complaining, nor will they have too many chances to be in this area and they are curious.

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How To Make Your Kids Clean The House