How to make your own cleaning products

Homemade products are in great fashion lately and quite expensive. They are considered a “luxury”. Maybe you don’t dare to do it because you  think you can obtain it, it’s too complicated, you do not have the necessary ingredients. But it’s easier than you expect. And the result – natural, effective and inexpensive.

– Solution for insects. It’s not toxic or poisonous and you only need three ingredients: a cup of distilled water and 14 drops of citronella oil and 14 oil of rosemary. Mix these ingredients and put them in a spray bottle. Your home will smell nice and flies, mosquitoes and other insects will stay away.

– Solution for clean windows. You need a half cup of ammonia, two cups of alcohol and a teaspoon of detergent. All of them are put in an empty bottle, add water, stir well and  the solution is ready. Wood furniture can look like new and  you can cover the scratches if you wipe them with a solution of white vinegar and ¾ ¼ olive oil. Wipe the furniture with a cloth sprayed with this solution, and you’ll be amazed.

– Detergent for upholstery. Stains on carpets or upholstery get be cleaned with a solution of mineral water and vinegar. With a cloth soaked in this solution any time you can wipe surfaces to refresh colors.

– Deodorize toilet. It smells nice and it’s incredibly effective. It’s made of a tablespoon of alcohol, 30 drops of essential oil and water. All the ingredients are put in a bottle and spray before and after using the toilet.

– Body. You can do it in house only with three ingredients: a quarter of a tablespoon baby shampoo 7 drops of almond oil and water. Almond oil is full of vitamin A, B, E and is not greasy like other oils. You can safely clean even the eyes area.

– Deodorant. Why bother to make your own deodorant, when you can buy it from the store, you say? Well, many of those who tried the “home-made”  version, said that it’s much better than the ones found in stores. Mix in a glass jar shea butter and coconut oil, keep the jar in warm water until the content softens well. Add sodium bicarbonate and a few drops of an essential oil, as desired. Put the result in molds and leave to cool.

– Perfume. Dilute a few drops of your favorite essential oil fragrance (lavender, basil, parchouli, pine nuts etc.) with jojoba or almond oil and water. The resulting solution is kept in a glass container and used two days after. Aroma is preserved even for 6 weeks in a dark place.

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How To Make Your Own Cleaning Products