Magic Elixir for Sore Throat

Sore throat is an inflammation of the throat, caused by a virus (90% of cases) or a bacteria. It usually appears when we are suffering from colds or influenza. But it can appear from other reasons, too, such as surgery, radiation, dust, smoke, allergies, low humidity in winter, or too much cheering. Also, it can be followed by symptoms like difficulty of swallowing, clogged nose, fever.

Sore throat can be easily treated at home, and the most effective remedy is gargles.

Here is a very simple sore throat remedy, that can be prepared at home, without costing you a fortune. Use:

  • 1 part Milk of Magnesia (or Maalox)
  • 1 part Benedryl
  • 1 part of water

The doses must be set depending on age of the person that will use the remedy and his/her weight. Also, others may add another ingredients, depending on necessities, for example anti-fungal ingredient or corticosteroids to prevent secondary infections. But, if you use a prescription medicine for your mixture, be sure to ask your doctor if you are doing well. Some of them can cause unexpected, unpleasant side effects.

So mix all ingredients together and gargle with the mixture for about 20 seconds. You can even drink a part of the brew, so that to coat the whole throat and mouth, for reaching the areas which hurt. After taking the medication, it is required to drink water, or even gargle with warm salty water (dissolve in a glass of water a teaspoon of table salt). Then, repeat again the procedure (gargle with the mouthwash which still remained).

The result will amaze you. No more spent money on throat sprays and cough drops! And the taste is rather agreeable, children even say that it has the taste of bubble gum.

The mixture helps in reducing the inflammation, prevents the further inflammation and has cleansing action.

Besides these, it is recommendable children to use it, because it is inoffensive, while other mouthwashes may include ingredients like lidocaine, nystatin or dexamethasone which must not be swallowed by children under 6 years old.

Be careful, if the mixture does not help you to get rid of the sore, then it is the case to visit a doctor. The pain can mean that you have serious health problems.

This sore throat remedy is not at all hard to do and is definitely affordable. It will help you recover quickly!

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