How to lower 500 calories effortlessly from your daily menu

If you lower 500 calories from the daily menu mean a total of 3,500 calories per week, this translates into a weight loss of about half a kilogram. So if follow this plan for a month you can lose about two kilos. Although not a huge loss, especially when you want to lose weight fast, it is still a good step that you can do if you do not deprive yourself of a sudden of the foods that you enjoy or by following drastically diet that can have negative effects.

Calories from the daily menu varies depending on many factors, but if you’re on a diet you shouldn’t overcome 2000.

To do that, you should be very careful what you eat and understand, mostly, about how many calories have the foods you consume. A diet of 2,000 calories a day (usually women aged up to 30 years need 2,000 calories max 2400, but the number varies depending on the weight, height, activity) it should not include more than 66 grams of fat, 20 grams of saturated fat (butter, dairy fat, palm oil, coconut oil), 2,400 mg sodium and 300 grams of carbohydrates, including sugars ).
Instead of keeping on you a list of calories, we come to help with some simple diet that will help you lose those calories which make you fat.

1. Reduce food rations
It seems a good idea to eat smaller portions of dishes that you like than to remove them completely from your daily menu? The best trick is to reduce food rations by eating from smaller plates! When you’re at a restaurant, your strategy is to command the smallest food serving. Also, skip the salad dressings.

2. Choose light versions of the foods you already eat
Instead of regular milk, buy skim milk (one cup of regular milk has 149 calories, while one of skimmed milk doesn’t exceed 86) instead of cream cheese that you eat for breakfast, choose cottage cheese. You can apply this method to other kinds of food: French fries could be replaced with the boiled one or baked; sugar in coffee may be substituted with 0 calories raw sweetener: stevia extract.

3. Reduce consumption of caloric beverages
Fruit juices, sodas, and even alcohol have lots of calories so you have to remove them from your menu if you want to lose weight. Experts recommend quitting all sold juices (sugary) and replace them with natural juices prepared in-house because they have fewer calories. Also cut from the list, alcohol as much as possible and drink only occasionally: wine, beer or cocktails. Instead, drink plenty of water and unsweetened teas.

4. Replace meat with vegetables and cheese
If you replace a quarter of meat or cheese with vegetables you can decrease the calorie content and increase nutrient intake. Vegetables contain fiber and water that will help more time to feel full. If you replace 28 grams of cheese and 56 grams of meat with just a half a cup of vegetables, you’ll be able to reduce no more than 225 calories in a sandwich.

5. Stay away from big nuts snacking
Although nuts are a very healthy as a snack recommended in daily menu, you risk eating too many calories if you eat too much. A handful of walnuts contains 175 calories and three, no less than 525 calories. The recommendation is to choose roasted nuts, with no salt, because they have fewer calories.

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How to lower 500 calories effortlessly from your daily menu