Lose weight within three days with Detox Diet

Nothing is better than a healthy diet to lose weight and remain active, fresh and healthy.There are some people who when diet may have a dehydrated and dull skin with freshness completely invaded from their skin. However, here is a detox diet present for you which will not only make your skin hydrated but will also make you look fresh and helps in losing weight within three days.
Detox diet
The rules for effective Detox Diet
In order to stay healthy and fresh, there are some things to do during your detox diet. The first is to have a warm glass of water with lemon juice mixed in it. Drink it on an empty stomach so that it will improve digestion and will also help in cutting down the fats and also charging the digestive system. When you are drinking the juices, make sure you have water in the intervals so that it can help in flushing down the toxins, and yes during this diet period you will urinate a lot which is natural.

When taking a bath, exfoliating your body is important. Take a body scrubbing exfoliate brush and start exfoliating from the soles of your feet and then move upwards towards your heart in the sweeping motion. When in detox diet cut down on drinks which have alcohol and caffeine in it, in short caffeine and alcohol is banned. If one feels hungry during the detox diet, then they should rely on juices only, instead of four increase the intake to five, this will help in losing weight and will give you a nice glow as well.

The juices of Detox Diet
The juices are the main part of the detox diet, and keep in mind; you have to depend on these juices for exact three days so that you can lose weight and also have a radiant glowing skin. Below mentioned are a few detox juices, and remember, no sugar:

  • Tropical Beach: Blend together a handful of pineapple, mango and one cup coconut water.
  • Early Riser: Blend together five strawberries, 3 freshly squeezed orange juices, two tablespoons of linseeds, one cup water, one banana and one tablespoon oats.
  • Green Goodness: Blend a handful of spinach with one avocado, a handful of watercress, a chunk of cucumber and when pouring out add a pinch of sea salt and cayenne pepper.
  • Glowy You: Blend a handful of watercress, palmful of almonds, handful of lettuce, juice of fresh half lemon, a handful of strawberries and a few chunks of melon.
  • Evening Beauty: Blend one cup of almond milk (unsweetened) with two handful of raspberries, one avocado, one peeled apple, one cup water and one tablespoon chia seeds.
  • Green and Clean Smoothie: Blend one cup wilted kale with one avocado, one cup spinach, 400ml of water, juice of one lime and one piece of broccoli.

The Detox Diet Plan
One day one, have warm water in lemon (this should be done every morning) and then for breakfast have Early Riser (this should be consumed in morning at every breakfast), after a while drink Green and Clean Smoothie. For lunch have Glowy You and for Afternoon has any kind of favorite soup and for dinner drink Evening beauty (this has to be taken in every dinner).  On day two have Green Goodness in the morning, Tropical beach in the lunch. And on the day three have Green and Clean Smoothie in the morning and Glowy You in the Lunch.