Killer Booty Workout

We need to admit that not every person is able to perform the popular squats exercise, no matter if it`s about knee weakness or injury. However, if you really want to get closer to a killer booty, you can opt for 6 alternatives to squats and these alternatives are even better than any killer squats! Good luck with your no squats killer workout for a sexy booty!

1. Donkey Kicks1• The position consists of having all your four limbs on the floor, in the quadruped position.
• Your hands and shoulder will be directly under the same line, while your knees and hips do the same.
• You lift up one knee, while keeping both of them bent and you direct your leg until your thighs and torso get aligned.
• Lower your knee back to the original quadruped position and immediately repeat these movements several times.
• Don`t switch your knees after performing the exercise once; do an entire series with one, then switch to the other.

2. Step Up• In this case you`ll stand in front of a large step or a plyo box, with your hands down by your sides. Holding weights in your hands for this exercise is optional, but extra weight will increase your performance and end up with more satisfaction.
• Place one foot on the step or box.
• Try to let your whole body weight on the foot that stands on the step or box, by standing straight.
• While keeping your foot on the top of the box or step, you lower your body back on the floor.
• Do a whole series of this exercise with one leg and then switch to the other one.

3. Donkey Kick Circles• Place your hands and knees in the quadruped position and bent one leg until you roughly achieve a 90-degree angle.
• With the foot of the leg you`ve lifted, you draw a circle.
• This is a butt lifting exercise that will make you feel the pressure in your glutes (and it also tones your glutes from numerous angles).
• Perform 7 circles in each direction, with one leg, and then switch to the other one.

4. Single Leg Bridge Extensions• In this position, you need to lie on the floor with your back, by placing your knees so that your feet stay flat on the ground.
• Then you need to get into the “bridge” position, by letting your body weight rest on your shoulders and feet.
• Before lowering your body back on the floor from the “bridge” position, completely extend one of your legs.
• Alternate your legs between lowering your body back on the floor (in this case, you don`t have to do series, you will perform the exercise once with the right leg, once with the left leg and so on).
• While performing the “bridge” position, it is essential to know that the targeted body areas are the glutes and hamstrings.

5. Swinging Bridges• You`ll perform the “bridge” position exactly as described in the previous exercise.
• This is the “swinging bridge” exercise because from the laying position on your back, you press your body up in the bridge position to one side of the “bridge”, laying down back on the floor, and when you again press your body up, you turn to the opposite side of the “bridge”.
• This exercise represents a great one for the lower body, excluding squats.

6. Knee Tuck Extensions• This exercise involves the push-ups position, while lifting one leg straight behind you.
• Then you lift the same leg, so that your knee almost touches your elbow on the same side.
• This exercise targets your arms, shoulders, lower back, obliques, thighs and glutes.

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