Kill belly fat cells with ice – Amazing fast results

Deposited and unnecessary fats stored on the stomach area are unwanted by most of the people. Unfortunately, belly fat transforms the way your body looks like; your clothes simply don`t fit you anymore and no matter how much you would be struggling, fat doesn`t want to disappear! It is a well-known fact that belly fat results in health conditions, such as certain types of heart disease or type 3 diabetes; this is the reason why researchers tried to find a way out, so people can get rid of belly fat forever.

If you want to learn how to easily eliminate belly fat, first of all you need to become familiar with the types of fats. Practically, we differentiate between white and brown fats and if you understand how these two work, you will definitely reach to get rid of them easily. White fats represent a thin layer that becomes visible on the stomach, the thighs and on the back of the arms. This type of fat behaves as a thermal insulator, providing and maintaining the body at a certain temperature.

Cold temperature eliminates fats – fact proven by scientific studies
The secret of losing weight stands at transforming white fats into brown fatty tissues. This is possible to do by staying in cold temperatures for a prolonged period of time. Low temperature has the effect of transforming white fats into brown fatty tissues. This is the reason why specialists recommend you to lower temperature in your room for several hours during the cold season.
Researchers prove that white fats have a brownish color during the cold winter days. This is how they reached to discover that coldness actually promotes the transformation of white fats into brown.
A room generally has a steady temperature of 21 °C (69.8°F) during the cold season, but experts from the “Maastricht University Medical Centre” recommend a temperature situated between 15 – 17°C (62.6 – 59°F) for a couple of hours. Scientists warn us that it is important to keep the body at lower temperatures because a warm room blocks the body from burning fats.
Another study involved men sleeping in a chamber with a temperature of 18°C (64.4°F) for 4 weeks and after this period of time, it has been discovered that they reached to double brown fatty tissues, burned more calories and increased insulin resistance in the same time. This practice is scientifically called cold thermo genesis.
There are two types of thermo genesis: moderate and intense cold thermo genesis. Moderate cold thermo genesis consists of staying in a room at a temperature between 10 – 15°C (50 – 59°F), wearing only shorts; this will help to create brown fat tissue. On the contrary, intense cold thermo genesis consists of wearing ice vets and trousers filled with ice packs. This method leads to increased calorie burning.

Improve fat burning with ice therapy!
The book “The Four-Hour Body” written by Tim Ferriss describes the way to burn brown fats by exposure to low temperatures, among other things. He talks about the fact that combining healthy dieting and regular exercising with ice therapy is the right solution for fat burning and this method increases fat burning by 300%. An astronaut from the NASA confirms this fact to the ABC, stating that “In studying the effects of temperature on astronauts, he saw people`s metabolism boost by 20% in environments as mild as 15°C (60°F).” 400 to 500 calories a day are possible to release with 90 g of brown fats which is equal with one hour of physical activity.

How to target the fat tissue areas that need to be frozen?
According to researchers, simply applying ice compresses on the areas of the body with fatty tissues, it is possible to stimulate fat burning in the body. This is the solution for converting white fats into brown fats and promoting weight loss. However, it is important to combine this practice with regular physical exercises and balanced diet. This is how the skin gets cooled and fats can easily be eliminated and further metabolized by the body.

Learn to apply ice packs!
The ice needs to be wrapped with a thin cloth on the fatty area for 30 to 60 minutes. You need to practice this method once daily, for 12 days. You only need to be careful about frostbite, so you need to pay attention when you lift the ice compresses. Numbness and tingling of the skin, pain and redness, taut, strong and insensitive skin to touch or blisters are some of the symptoms associated with frostbite.
When you encounter any of these symptoms, warming up and massaging the body immediately is not the right solution; instead, you need to slightly warm the affected area up by using a blanket or warm it up with warm compresses.
If you suffer from vascular disease with low blood pressure, peripheral neuropathy or diabetes, you are smoking or you`re currently taking beta-blockers, you must be careful with ice therapy.

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Kill belly fat cells with ice - Amazing fast results
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