Kids Thanksgiving Crafts: Mayflower Ship


Kids Thanksgiving Crafts are so easy and it totally raises the coolness factor of coloring to a perfect TEN!

Take a creamer carton (pour any extra in a storage container. Wash, rinse and dry. Grab some tape, straws, a hole punch and a paper sack (our sacks are always from Braums because they price compare every morning and beat Walmart’s price AND their milk is hormone free)!

Kids Thanksgiving Crafts: Mayflower ShipGrab an exacto knife. Sorry, scissors won’t really cut it (hahaha) for this craft. Seriously though an exacto knife makes it so easy. For a container that your kids will share do not remove too much of the carton. For two individual Mayflower ships you could attempt cutting the carton into two equal parts.
Kids Thanksgiving Crafts: Mayflower ShipCover the carton with the paper sack. I used two separate sheets. One for the square portion and another for the pointed corner. Use lots of tape and make creases until the cover is secure and resembles the Mayflower!
Kids Thanksgiving Crafts: Mayflower ShipHole punch four squares in another sheet from the paper sack. I doubled mine for a thicker mast. Be sure to measure the punches to be a little less than the width of the rear portion of the ship so that the straws are able to stand upright easily. Pull the straws through the mast and secure each straw to the inside of the ship.
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Kids Thanksgiving Crafts: Mayflower Ship