Is your Heart Beating too Fast? Here’s how to Decrease your Pulse without any Medication

People dealing with rapid heartbeats are 78% more predisposed to the appearance of heart diseases.
If your heart beats too fast while you`re resting, it means that you may not have good physical condition, or you are much stressed. In addition, if you also deal with increased pulse, it is needed to act in a way to decrease it. This problem appears because of stress and equally affects men and women.

In order to stop these unpleasant feelings, here are several methods that could help you.

Cold water
Use a container with cold water where you can put your face. The cooler the water, the better. Stay in this position as much as you can, because it will slow down your metabolism and the vagal nerve which regulates heart rhythm will be stimulated. This procedure is called the “diving reflex” which is a response of the body against cold conditions by which it “closes” several parts to conserve energy. The same reflex helps people to survive for longer periods in cold water.

Deep breathing
Even if it seems to be difficult, deep breathing helps to regulate heart beats. Inhale as deeply as you can, and then exhale the air quickly. If you can also relax, slow down the rhythm of your activities or lay down, the exercise will be a real success. Deep inhaling on the nose is also of a great help in such situations.

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Is your Heart Beating too Fast