Ingenious trick to keep bathroom tiles clean

If you have tiles, you know how hard it is to keep clean grouts. We show you, however, a trick that will help you keep them clean. No matter how often you clean ceramic tiles, you can’t clean the grouts. Always gather dirt between and that is hard to remove.

When you mop, you simply disperse dirt and block them between the boards. The grouts are blackened, and the only solution seems to cleanse them every two to three days.
If you, however, want your grouts to remain always clean, all you need is a white wax candle. Clean the grouts, then rub them with a candle. Wax acts as a protective layer and you can quickly clean up the mess. The best way to have clean grout is to apply wax once you apply the tiles, but you can call anytime to this trick, but you will make a little effort to clean. The wax will be a good layer protection and when the water splashes, it won’t mold or it won’t discolor. The lining of your tiles will look nice and very clean.

Tricks that help you keep the grouts clean
The particles of dirt can scratch the tiles, so it is important to keep the floor clean.
Mop the floor once a week, and the rest of time, clean them with a cloth and windows solution. A mixture of warm water and vinegar is also very effective for cleaning. Especially removes grease spots, which give you so much trouble. Before you start to clean ceramic tiles, it is advisable to wipe them with a dry cloth. Thus, you remove dust and clean them and the grouts better. Never use chlorine to clean colored grouts as this will discolor them. If you want to use a brush to clean them, choose one with hard bristles. Toothbrushes are too soft.

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Ingenious Trick To Keep Bathroom Tiles Clean