3 Egg recipes for a beautiful skin and hair

Eggs have been used for centuries to master and moisturize the hair and also to help tone and moisturize the skin. It may seem strange to place an egg on the face or hair the first time you do it, but the effects will get fabulous. You can use any type of eggs, including organic. Here you will learn how to moisturize your hair and skin with the help of eggs.

You need:
– a container
– raw eggs
– whisk
– cotton disks

1. Use an egg mask for hair. Break 3 eggs into a bowl and mix them thoroughly with a whisk. Apply them on your hair with your hands. Be sure to coat the hair evenly. Let the eggs dry completely on the hair. Wash it with warm water and then cold shampooed. Your hair will be shiny and soft to the touch.
2. Apply an egg yolk as a facial mask. Separate the egg yolk. Beat it in a bowl using a whisk until frothy. Using a cotton pad, apply the egg on the face, covering all surfaces of the face. Let the yolk dry completely. Remove it with soap and warm water to cold. Your skin will have more firmness and softness.
3. Use an egg yolk for cleaning the scalp. Break 3 eggs, pour the yolks into a bowl and bath well. By using your hands, distribute them to the scalp and massage it. Set aside to dry completely and then remove them with shampoo and warm water to cold. Egg yolk nourish and moisturize the skin of any dryness or dandruff you have.

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How to use eggs for a beautiful skin and hair