How to Tell if your Jeans Fit without Trying them on

When you’re on a rush and happen to find a pair of jeans exactly how you wanted but do not want to go to the dressing rooms and try them on. Here’s a simple and helpful trick that allows you to see if they fit in just a few seconds.

All you have to do is to pull the zipper of the jeans and wrap their waist around your neck. If the edges touch effortlessly it means that they fit. However, this method doesn’t prove to work when choosing high waist jeans or low waist jeans. You should also make sure if the length suits you by putting them in front of your waist. See the movie below to see if your jeans fit without them try on.

Rules to keep in mind when buying jeans
Don’t look on the label when buying jeans because their size might be misleading. Apply the above mentioned trick when you’re on a rush. If it’s not the case, take two different sizes that you think it might work and try them on. This way, you’ll make an investment that you won’t regret afterwards.

Dark jeans look good on any body type and they usually look better than the brighter ones. In addition, they can be easily matched with other pieces from your wardrobe. If you want your outfit to have a modern look, always choose ripped jeans, but be careful not to be faded as well. The brighter parts will only highlight your flaws.

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How to Tell if your Jeans Fit without Trying them on