How to straighten your curly hair in less than ten minutes


Just because you have curly hair does not mean you have to wear it all the time as well. While it may seem easier to pick in a ponytail or let loose your curly locks, it’s easy if you want to straighten your hair wear a different hairstyle. Most women, especially those who have curly hair, do not want to spend hours in the morning smoothing their bangs. Fortunately, with the right preparation, you need not to spend more than ten minutes of your daily routine.

You need:
– straightening balm
– a silicone bra
– comb hair
– a hair dryer

1. Wash and condition your hair the night before. Dry your hair with a towel and twisting absorbing water until damp. Places the size of a smoothing balm of silicones in the palm of your hand and apply from the tips of your hair to the roots.
2. Separate hair into two sections. Slide a comb or your fingers through your hair half horizontally. Pick up the top layer and hold it. Dry the bottom section of your hair with a hair dryer on medium heat setting. When dry, it goes through your tresses a flat brush to help disarm the curl. This will not eliminate it, but it will help activate the smoothing balm. Works for all your floor section with the dryer and brush until hair is dry.
3. Release the top section. Dry hair, using the same method as in Step 2. While you dry, turn the brush around your hair, both wet and dry. When finished, the hair should be completely dry.
4. Sleeps all night on your hair.
5. In the morning, a flat iron heated in very hot position. Separate your hair horizontally into an upper section and a lower. Hold the top section and let loose bottom.
6. Spray your hair with a heat protector spray. This spray will protect your strands from the heat of the iron to finish not having electrified hair or broken. Moreover, the product will combat ultraviolet rays when you walk by the sun.
7. Comb the section not wider than the blades of the hair iron. Enter the root of the hair in the flat iron. Slide it down slowly through the hair section. Open the iron when you reach the end. Repeat with another section. It works the entire lower section until the hair is straight. Remove the bra top section and repeat the process of spraying the hair with the protective spray and smooth your strands.
8. Place a small amount of straightening balm or gloss silicone as serum in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands, apply the product on your hair and comb with your fingers and your palms. The silicone will add weight to your hair and help keep it straight. Comb your hair with a flat brush or comb to distribute the product evenly.

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How to straighten your curly hair in less than ten minutes