You Need 10 Seconds to Stop Bleeding

Minor injuries, like scrapes, cutting and other similar activities that kitchen work involves may easily result in mild bleeding. When you are coping with minor bleeding, you don`t have to panic; all you have to do is apply the wonder method that will totally stop bleeding in only 10 seconds. There is a first aid trick that is a well-known method for stopping bleeding by Native Americans, since thousands of years. However, you may have never heard of it and therefore, would have never thought of ever trying it.

Even if it sounds strange and you might not believe it, but Cayenne pepper is a plant that should permanently be part of your medical cabinet. It doesn`t matter if you don`t have or use this plant in your kitchen, it should definitely not miss from your first aid medical kit. Medical studies show in the same time that Cayenne pepper has a number of exceptional medicinal and health benefits, such as heart attack, cold and bleeding prevention.

The right way to heal external wounds with Cayenne pepper
For stopping bleeding caused by laceration or cutting, all you have to do is apply Cayenne pepper powder directly on the wound. Thus, in the following 10 to 15 seconds, bleeding should entirely stop. The purpose of using Cayenne pepper is represented by small crapes and cuts. When it comes to a larger or more severe wound, you will have to apply on it one teaspoon of red pepper powder, dissolved in one glass of warm water that you immediately drink.

Cayenne is well-known as an efficient styptic agent. Styptic means that we are talking about a substance that is able to stop bleeding when applied on external wounds. It practically creates the equalization between blood clotting and blood pressure quickly. You can also skip worries regarding infections, because along with its power of stopping bleeding, Cayenne pepper will disinfect external wounds in the same time.

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How to Stop the Bleeding in 10 Seconds