How to stay at the Low Weight Level once you have achieved it ?

The majority of the population in the country is obese. If you too are overweight and trying to fight your way back into shape, the most important thing to remember with all weight loss methods is to learn to stay at the desired level of weight. It is really amazing to see an increase in the number of people trying to reduce weight despite all those weight loss pills and diets that are so popular among the people. This is perhaps because of the fact that it is harder to stay at the lower weight level once you have successfully achieved it than to lose weight. Here are a few useful tips to keep your weight at the desired level once you have reached that level.

Keep a tab on the calories
It is seen that most people who are successful in lowering their weight to the desired level forget all about the calorie counting and their diet to prevent them from putting on weight once again. This is disastrous as they gain weight faster than they took to lose it. If you want to maintain your low weight level for long, it is imperative to continue to count all the calories you consume in a day.

Donate your large sized clothing items
If you are greedy and stick to your old clothes as you are not sure how long your weight loss is going to stay with you, you will certainly gain weight again. This is not based upon science but psychology plays a big role in your old, large sized clothing items fitting you again sooner than later. So get rid of all your old clothes as soon as you have successfully reduced your size.

Take your weight daily
This is a good ploy to remind you about your current weight so as to keep you motivated to maintain your weight. Monitoring your weight is very easy as all you have to do is to keep a weighing scale and step on to it once every day.

Maintain an active lifestyle
Forget about the old days when you even during daytime and remained inactive for most of the time. If you lie down on the couch with a bag of potato chips to watch the soaps or NFL once again, it will not be long before you catch up with your old weight level also. Become active and do some exercises in much the same way as you were doing to lose weight.

Eat loads of green vegetables and fresh fruits
Instead of chips and cold drinks, eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits as much as you can. These two things are wonderful for your health as they not only provide nutrients but also keep you feeling full so that you do not go back on your old habit of binging.

Drink lots and lots of water. Not only is it good for your metabolism, it also makes you feel full to not go for those in between the meal snacks.

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How to stay at the Low Weight Level once you have achieved it